What Do We Understand By Remote Online Notarization, And How Does It Work?


Essential papers must be notarized to preserve their integrity and legitimacy. However, historically, most notarizations were done in person and on paper. In today’s fast-paced world with a hybrid workplace, on-site and paper-based notarization is responsible for slowing down business, providing a subpar signing and notary public experience, and raising the possibility of identity fraud. Fortunately, remote internet notarization has become another good alternative for businesses undertaking quick, secure, and efficient notarizations. Notaries can now easily conduct online notary acts safely, offering a seamless signing experience and reducing risk. A Notary helps firms submit, sign, and notarize contracts all at once with the help of online notary services available these days.

Steps to conduct Remote online notarization

  1. Sending an agreement: This process is as simple as using a template for often notarized agreements or uploading an agreement. The signers and notary public may easily drag and drop fields onto the agreement after successfully being added to record correct information about the signers and notary public at the time of signing.
  1. Verify signers’ identities: This process is executed by sending each one an email with a unique URL that only those identified may use to access the live notarial session. The signers undergo a fast tech check to ensure that they have access to a camera and microphone and enough internet speed to provide a flawless audio-visual experience. After passing the technical assessment, they must use identity-proving tools to confirm their identification. The signers are asked to take a photo of their official identification, which is subsequently authenticated. Signers could also be requested to respond to a series of personal background questions checked against a third-party database.
  1. Sign and notarize: Finally, a live, two-way audio-visual signing and notarization of the agreement takes place. No downloads or plug-ins are essential in the step because the session takes place entirely within the customers’ browsers, guaranteeing a quick and hassle-free experience. The live session enables the signers and notary public to go through the contract together, answer all sorts of questions, and ensure everything is filled out correctly. Before the signer signs the agreement in real-time, the notary public completes their electronic diary, recording important details about the nitty gritty notarial transaction.

Why should one opt for Remote online notarization?

An online notary helps clients by providing more modern and convenient options for everyone who requires the notary service. Scheduling a signing is significantly easier as all parties are not required to be in the same location. Regardless of where people are, one may decide on a day and time that fits everyone’s schedules.


There are manifold benefits to becoming an online notary and opting for such a service. From mitigating risk to being convenient for parties, remote online notarization has a lot of benefits. Without any of the inconveniences and problems associated with in-person meetings, signers and notaries public benefit from a convenient, user-friendly experience.