Interim Sales Management – Why? When? and Where?


The word Interim means temporary. By definition, Interim Sales Management is a means to an end to filling up temporary positions in the sales domain. Usually, when an organization goes through changes, structural or financial, few experienced hands are required to keep the boat steady. Sometimes the organization hires these people for a short term from outside. These people are called Interim Managers, and when it applies to the sales domain, they are called Interim Sales Managers. Sometimes the latter come from professional companies that are created solely for these purposes. These companies are called Interim Sales Management Organizations.

Roles of a Sales Interim Manager

Usually, when a sales interim manager is called for, the situation is already dire. A sales interim manager brings experience, leadership, and implementation capabilities to the table to turn around the tide. Below are the Roles and responsibilities of an Interim Sales Manager;

  • Vast Knowledge in Sales and Marketing To bridge the gap, an interim manager needs to get up to speed quickly. Without experience and knowledge, it is not possible.
  • Capability to Think on the Go

A sales interim manager needs to think on his/her feet to get the sales and revenue up.

  • Good Leadership Skills

To get good results in a short period, the interim manager needs to be a great leader. He/she needs to lead with example to meet the goals.

When is an Interim Sales Manager Required?

Sometimes things as simple as predictability could hamper the sales growth of an organization. To overcome these problems, organizations often hire outside help to get back on track. There are many scenarios when an Interim Sales Manager is required, such as;

  1. In case the sales team couldn’t meet the targets on their own and need guidance.
  2. If some mentorship is required for sustainable growth or to achieve beyond the limit.
  3. If the strategies become predictable to competitors and the organization loses the edge.
  4. When an organization doesn’t have a suitable replacement for the Sales Manager.

Where could Interim Sales Management be Consulted?

Sometimes things other than replacing the existing Sales Manager need the expertise from Interim Sales Management. Some scenarios are;

  1. If the whole Sales Team needs to be restructured, an outside perspective works better.
  2. To analyze the market and come up with alternate Sales Plans.
  3. To conduct Interviews for specific Sales Jobs.
  4. Keep an overwatch of the entire sales process.
  5. Creation of the benchmark for the team to meet.
  6. Drive potential client meetings and win the contracts.
  7. Motivating and mentoring the entire sales team with years of experience.


In most of the cases, once appointed, representatives of an Interim Sales Management consultancy would show improvements within the first few months or weeks. Since these people are kind of a last resort for the organizations, they take a lot of money to share their expertise. So the organization needs to keep track of the progress keenly to see if their investment is bearing any sort of results.