Choosing Between an Architect and a Draftsman for Better Constructions


Technical drawing which is also popular as drafting is the right presentation of certain buildings, objects, and even architectural purposes. The person who is well versed with draft installations and drafting skills is known as the draftsperson.

Many people are not aware of how this whole process works but when approaching such an expert it is advised to have a background detailing of such an option. The process is not a layman’s job and if done incorrectly can have trouble in the future. Sometimes it is used in the field of architecture while sometimes it is used for engineering purposes as well.

What exactly is drafting all about?

A drafter is a person who draws the objects on the score with a top view, side view, Draft Installations, and the main view of the building. This drawing is a part of drafting. It is quite detailed and works as the blueprint for the project or construction assembly. Those who have been looking for renovation or remodeling can always rely on such expert’s option to draft the technical plan of the house.

This makes it convenient for the individual to contact the building contractor further. Even if the individual has got a team of an engineer working on the project with an existing design, the need for a draftsman would still arise to make the blueprint that the construction team can follow.

The difference between an architect and a draftsman:

Many individuals before approaching the right expert often get confused between an architect and the draftsman. More or less both the experts perform a similar task but when it comes to preparing the technical drawing or working on the building projects there are some differences.

The architect who is quite a qualified person should have an undergraduate degree that needs to be followed by a Master’s degree before the practical experience is initiated. Once the education is finished, the person can then register for the license to practice being an architect in that particular state.

For the person to be a drafter, an individual needs to finish the TAFE course or other program that offers knowledge about CAD. This can take nearly 2 years to be qualified as compared to the education of the architect who takes seven years.

In terms of jobs, it is the architect who has more responsibilities. An architect is the one who needs to ensure that project from the beginning toil the completion is followed in the right manner. Architects also possess all the crucial skills for developing plans that could be complex. They are the one who offers support from design to documentation to contract administration and project management. In the case of the draftsperson, well their primary role is to produce the technical design and they don’t need to get any license to perform such a task.


Those who have been looking forward to renovating the house may require Draft Installations for which a draftsperson can work with the architect. Besides, a draftsperson is a more affordable choice. However, while selecting such an expert it is important to make good homework, see different choices and experiences and then make the decision.