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These¬†articles, by no means, should be seen as the only resource available for your household. There are an infinite number of debt management scenarios to be considered and an equal amount of potential landmines. Much as your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau largely survive upon paid membership, they do – grudgingly, it should be remembered – keep a backlog of prior complaints from unhappy clients, and it should not be that difficult to request information about any company you have been considering. Also: see if the firm of choice maintains any professional affiliations. Many of the more legitimate Consumer Credit Counseling outfits have recently been accredited by the government following the 2005 changes to the United States Bankruptcy Code (all those who declare bankruptcy must now, on their own dime, take absolutely needless courses on debt management; yet another way in which the congressional alterations of Chapter 7 makes the bankruptcy alternative less palatable for ordinary consumers) and that’s one way to ensure at least some competence and experience from the organization.

iStock_000010164923XSmallDebt settlement negotiators, on the other hand, must be certified by a national board, and, should you go through that (ever more popular, with good reason) route, make absolutely sure they can prove such certification. Nevertheless, as with so much involving debt management, the final decision rests with you. Nobody can hold your hand, least of all an on-line article, when deciding upon the men or women who shall shape your financial future. Study all the information that you can, take a hard look at your own finances, and, at the end, remember that the debt management specialist you end up with will be tied to you and your family’s finances for a long time to come. With that understood, choose your debt management solution accordingly.